Let us brush you down!

"What really turned me over was knowing how big influence a good design puts on the overall success of your project"
Design Proponent

Experience design at scale

BrushDown is a complete design shop. You don’t like that legacy look of your website, we will make it trendy for you. Your Mobile App interface isn’t that cool, let us jump in to make it cool. We don’t stop there, we work on your complete branding. We will just brush you down to make you look noticeable!

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Understand your user experience

We begin our story with Happy Client first approach. Users are the ones going to thumb down or up and its their thumb that’s going to decide your success. Though remains hidden in the initial phases of the project but it directly impacts your ROI. We design with user-centric¬† approach resulting in better user expereience.

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remain responsive across devices

Yes, that’s a perfect look and its exactly what you wanted on your laptop, but wait, will that appear equally good on your mobile, or thinking further, on your Tab, or on those big LEDs for presentation? Let us help you giving smooth responsive design experience on all of your devices.

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fall in love with our DESIGNS

Website Design

Your website doesn't has to be just another website. It has to be self-speaking and appealing to grab work. It has to be showing everything upfront making the user comfortable in finding what he wants with easy to use interface. Contact us to understand your brand and let us do the magic work for you!

Mobile App Design

More users moving to the mobile applications is tightening the competition. If your app gives tough time to the user, you are going to have tough time on your business. If you don't want users to hit that 'uninstall' button and look out for other alternates, make sure your mobile app is usable and captivating for them.

Corporate Profile

A corporate profile meets your potential client before you, like your ambassador. So it has to be as good as you are and even more than that! Make your corporate profile catchy enough to almost convince your client already before even meeting you!


Those few pages have to be full depiction of what you offer while being to the point. Snappy brochures let your clients know what you have to offer in a full breadth while not being deep. Have us with you to bring out best for you and you focus on your other organizational goals.

Corporate Presentations

It is said that first couple slides of your presentation deck, make it or break it!. Don't let those initial pages ruin your reputation. They should be speaking all about you in an elegant and professional sleek way. Choose from our range of presentation templates or contact us to make a unique deck complimenting your brand.

News Letters

News Letters have to be concise, to the point and highlighting the updates, not just within your organization but to the outer world also. Our slick design approach towards news letters does the job for you.

Make a beautiful website

Your website needs to reflect your brand, theme and business. Contact us and one of our agents will get in touch to understand your requirements.